Stock vs Corporate Plaques

Solod Walnut PlaqueStock Vinyl Finish Plaques are made from a fiberboard and have a walnut finish wrap. These look very good and are a great selection for awards that need to be bought at a budget price. Most scholastic and club awards would use this type. Don’t dismiss these as cheap because they can be used to produce a fine looking plaque.

Davis Trophies produces many of these plaques for sports, academic and corporate customers. Stock plaques are highly customized in our shop and samples can be seen in our gallery on this website.

Stock Solid Walnut Plaques are made of solid walnut, oak or alder wood and are what they say….solid wood. These are used for a higher end appearance at a cost of about 1/3 greater than the walnut finish fiber board. This choice splits the difference between fiberboard and corporate grade.

Corporate Plaques

Corporate Grade Plaques are shown in our catalog on this website. They are made of solid woods and in some cases highly polished.

They also have  customized engraving plates that add class and make these awards top of the line, especially made for the Corporate buyer or a very special occasion.

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