Business 101 basic rule…. limit inventory and buy just what is needed in time to produce a customers order. In the recognition and identification business, not possible.  A quality awards shop needs to have ample in stock items in order to handle last minute orders. Davis Trophies sometimes may not have your exact request in stock but we always have enough of the basics to produce dozens or hundreds of awards very quickly. We hope for good lead times when our customers call but also know sometimes its just not possible. The expectation of customers today is for us to provide fast turn around and quality service at a fair price.

Its important to have ample equipment to get the job done. Customers don’t want to hear a shop owner say “I would have gotten your order done but my engraving machine broke down.” Davis Trophies has an engraving department “back shop” that is second to none. Over the years we have invested in making sure our engraving systems are in great shape, redundant, and robust. We control most processes in house and this is a big advantage to our customers. Our shop does full color sublimation as well as rotary and laser engraving all in house. We also do logo prep work, gray scale sublimation, and all our own award building. We sheer plating, die punch material, and vector or raster material from sheet stock. Our belief is that the more process we control, the better we can make the buying experience for youstock1Louie the Laser.

Our master engraver Wendy Moore is the best there is. I have seen her run up to 5 pieces of engraving equipment at a time. Always accurate and creative, no better engraver anywhere. Wendy takes the time to make sure each award is special…creative and beautiful. Without the proper human talent everything else doesn’t matter. Its always a personal mission of our staff to make sure things are right for our customers.